Protect My Ministry is the nation's leading provider of background checks for churches. Our background checks are designed to help ministries implement and maintain a thorough screening program for employees, staff and volunteers. Serving over 35,000 ministries in all 50 states, Protect My Ministry knows how to keep churches safe by preventing sexual predators and violent offenders from working with those who are most vulnerable.

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  • Paperless Resources
  • Access to Child Safety Training 
  • Compliance Tools and Resources
  • Free Instructional Videos

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PMM Talk Bubbles

"I am happy with the sense of security that using Protect My Ministry provides me, our kids’ parents, and our volunteers. Knowing that we can say everyone working as a volunteer has passed a stringent background check is a great relief for parents and a great confirmation of our volunteer staff."

- Tracy B., Kingsburg Covenant Church



A ministry that serves children and youth has the obligation to exercise "due diligence" with regards to protecting its members, especially the children. By performing background checks on our volunteers your ministry is…

  • Putting up a safeguard at the "doorway" of the organization that will, in most cases, scare off sexual predators.
  • Offering peace of mind to discerning parents when choosing a church, by knowing your ministry is being pro-active in trying to protect the children.


PMM cyberpredator

Protect Against Cyberpredators

Avoid the hurt, avoid the headlines with our guide on the risks cyber predators pose to churches and how you can protect your ministry from these unseen threats.


PMM blueprint

Get Started with the Background Check Blueprint

Our Background Check Blueprint helps to guide churches as they setup and review their staff and volunteer screening programs. 

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About Us

Protect My Ministry serves more than 35,000 churches and faith-based organizations in all 50 states by providing high-quality background checks and risk management solutions. Under the leadership of a kingdom-driven management team, Protect My Ministry equips customers with training that summarizes the role, application, and depth of background checks. Our suite of solutions includes church, volunteer, and employee screenings, online consultations, re-verification, and individual services such as credit history reports, national sex offender search, district federal criminal records, and more.